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Types of threads

The types of threads are distinguished by their composition, from which they consist unabsorbable and absorbable, also distinguish the threads in the direction of use: surgical and cosmetic. Most often in practice, the separation of the types of threads is used in terms of their effectiveness: the lifting threads, arming threads, and biostimulating threads. Lifting threads are intended, as the name suggests, to provide the effect of lifting the skin in various areas. The reinforcing threads suggest the use of soft tissues for the prevention of ptosis.

A relatively new group is biostimulating threads, the use of which is intended to cause an indirect effect of changes in skin metabolic processes, which ultimately leads to densification of soft tissues. The latter include the so-called 3D-threads, mesothreads, micro-threads and so on. Also, there are composite threads that comprise a core of a non-absorbable material with a resorbable coating. Manufacturers often produce threads with special incisions or barbs for better fixation of the skin.



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