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What you should know before procedure?

When talking with a specialist, anatomical zone analysis (face, neck, décolleté, etc.) is performed and the patient’s optimal correction plan and expected effect are determined. It is absolutely necessary to clarify the patient’s state of health at the moment, and also to agree on the intake of any medications. Cosmetological threads are installed without a cut, which is an important advantage and greatly facilitates the procedure, while the effect after implantation of the threads is noticeable immediately.

The filamentous correction is performed, as a rule, using an application local anesthesia, if necessary, an injection of a local anesthetic should be made (anesthesia for the patient should be adequate!). The duration of the procedure usually takes no more than half an hour. The threads are passed through the puncture under the skin and are fixed with the help of notches, which mechanically prevents further displacement. At the same time, a supporting framework is created and a lifting effect is achieved, while the puncture points heal without a trace. It is necessary to monitor the uniform distribution of the skin along the length of the thread to be installed. Biostimulating strands dissolve after a certain time, during which time, as a result of the action of their bioactive constituent (polylactic acid), a connective tissue is formed, which acts as a skeleton for the skin and soft tissues. Special attention and caution requires manipulation in the peri-ocular area, where it is necessary to take into account the presence of thin skin, the absence of subcutaneous fat, the dynamics of the circular eye muscle, the presence of vessels in the inner corner of eyes.

One can also not forget the characteristic propensity of this anatomical zone to puffiness. It is in the periorbital area that specialists in their practice note the greatest number of complications.

In the first time after the procedure, edema and soreness are observed. Complete recovery after the procedure takes no more than a week. The effect remains uneven, depending on age, lifestyle, skin type and skin care. It is advisable to combine "thread-correction" with various other cosmetic effects, such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, fractional thermolysis and laser peeling.

Possible complications when installing threads:
  • Unexpected swelling, which usually appears after the operation and lasts for several days.
  • Moderate soreness of short duration.
  • Hematomas, which are possible with damage to the subcutaneous vessels.



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