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Thread correction (thread technology)

In modern terms, this technique is one of the least invasive methods of correction in the field of aesthetic or "anti-age" medicine. To date, this technique is very actively used in practice, being also in the arsenal of correction of the manifestations of gravitational ptosis of soft tissues and the prevention of premature aging.

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Who is this procedure intended for?

Typically, patients turn to a specialist for various manifestations of gravitational ptosis, such as a noticeable omission of the outer end of the eyebrows, the appearance of nasolabial folds, frontal wrinkles, "crow’s feet," the "puppet" lines. In addition, the age-related decline of the skin turgor and the volume of the cheek-cheek region is reflected as a patient’s complaint of a "tired face".

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Types of threads

The types of threads are distinguished by their composition, from which they consist unabsorbable and absorbable, also distinguish the threads in the direction of use: surgical and cosmetic. Most often in practice, the separation of the types of threads is used in terms of their effectiveness: the lifting threads, arming threads, and biostimulating threads.

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What you should know before procedure?

When talking with a specialist, anatomical zone analysis (face, neck, décolleté, etc.) is performed and the patient’s optimal correction plan and expected effect are determined. It is absolutely necessary to clarify the patient’s state of health at the moment, and also to agree on the intake of any medications.

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Post-procedure recovery

The rehabilitation period usually runs smoothly and quickly. In the first weeks after the procedure on the face, it is recommended to limit active mimic and chewing movements, as well as visiting saunas, swimming pools and exposure to thermal procedures.

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In what cases it is better to abstain from the procedure?

Threads are not recommended under the following conditions:

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