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Plastic surgery of ears - otoplasty

Aesthetically, ears represent an important part of a person’s appearance and their deformity can impact considerably the patient’s self-assessment, and sometimes might cause a serious psychological trauma in patients who suffered in the childhood from being ridiculed by the others. The ears have the most complex three-dimensional structure among all external parts of human body. This demands from a surgeon precise technique, deep knowledge and art when performing a plastic correction.

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Who is this plastic surgery intended for?

This plastic operation can be performed both in children and adults. It is recommended to correct deformity in children desirably as soon as possible before critical self-attitude is formed to prevent potential communicative and psychological problems later on. Very often patients complain of protruding shape of ears. After plastic surgery usually patients are much more satisfied with their good appearance and can enjoy from greater options to alter hair-styling as they want.

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Types of othoplasty

There are 2 types of otoplasty: aesthetic and reconstructive.

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What should you know before surgery?

It is important to perform a detailed analysis of ears and face together with a patient, because the surgeon must exactly understand the patient’s desired ear shape after correction. It should be pointed out, that children under 6-7 years old are not recommended to be operated on, because of ongoing growth of the cartilaginous tissues of the ear.

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Postoperative recovery

Rarely, some patients experience discomfort in the early postoperative period (for 1-2 days) mostly due to elastic band. But usually later patients will note a significant relief. In the postoperative period it is important to change dressings of operation zone regularly by the surgeon. First month it is recommended to sleep with a face in upwards position for preventing postoperative ear deformity.

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In what cases is it better to abstain from the operation?

Otoplasty is not recommended in following clinical conditions:

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