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Who is this plastic surgery intended for?

Most often, patients express a desire to change the following characteristics: a thickened tip of the nose, nose "beak" shape, broad nasal bridge, "hump" on the nose, "long" or flat nose, prominent nostrils. In addition, there is often difficulty in breathing through the nose. Nose plastic surgery is recommended only after the completion of the formation of the skeleton, i.e. teenage years. Patients aesthetic dissatisfaction with nose configuration is especially painfully evident during the formative years. With age, as a result of reduced soft tissue elasticity becomes noticeably drooping tip of the nose. Nose shape correction can lead to dramatic improvement of aesthetic proportions of the face, make the face youthfulness and tenderness (women), to change the face and get rid of the discomfort. How nice to hear from the surgeon to the patient after the operation that finally his own face like from all sides. When planning surgical correction is necessary to consider whether the changes made the nose to be in aesthetic harmony with the other elements of the face as a whole. It is important when planning the operations detailed analysis of patient photos from different angles simultaneously.



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