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Liposuction / lipofilling

The amount of subcutaneous fat in certain areas of the human body determines its shape. In men, for example, the fat usually localized in the chest, abdomen, waist. While in women the fat usually is deposited in breasts, hips, waist and buttocks. With the help of liposuction (liposculpture) the surgeon has the ability to form almost any area of the body and improve aesthetic contours and proportion, and change the image. Because of the fact that liposuction is a minimally invasive method after the surgery period of recovery usually is short. Many patients decide to visit a plastic surgeon for an excessive local fat after having experienced a different kind of diets and medications which are often ineffective. Unwanted fat can be removed from any part of the body and face, including jaw area, neck, cheeks, upper arms, décolleté, abdomal wall, buttocks, waist and thighs, knees, calves and ankles. It should be noted that liposuction is a technique of shape correction for a certain area of the body and is not a means of weight loss, or to combat with cellulitis. Typically, the main aim of the surgeon performing liposuction - is giving to a body shape new emphasized aesthetically correct proportions and attractive lines.


Lipofilling is a body correction technique using patient’s own fat as a filler (plastic material) in those areas where a lack of soft tissue volume is present. Lipofilling procedure is considered to surround and rejuvenation in combination with liposuction is highly effective for the purpose of:

  • correction of facial contour
  • correction décolleté
  • lip augmentation
  • figure correction
  • changing the shape of the hands and feet
  • increase the breast, buttocks

Nowadays lipofilling is being actively used in plastic surgery, while new fields of its application are constantly emerging.

Benefits of liposuction / lipofilling:

  • Normally, the patient does not require hospitalization
  • It features a low risk of complications
  • No external scarring
  • Fast recovery after surgery



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