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Types of face lift

Upper third facelift is more often performed in relatively young patients (up to 40 years), whereas patients in the older age groups need to lift the middle and lower thirds of face. Mostly facelift is combined with blepharoplasty to achieve a more pronounced effect of rejuvenation. Also an integrated approach is important, it is necessary to pay attention to the restoration of separate areas of the face with reduced volume of tissues, for this purpose the operation is complemented by lipofilling (fat grafting). The facial area is rich with anatomical structures, in view of this facelift is technically quite complex operation. The most effective results can be achieved with a combination of brow lift (forehead), and middle and lower third of the face, and neck deep plasty, if necessary. During face-lift surgery in conjunction with the brow lift endoscopic approach can be used.

Endoscopic face lift now has become popular all over the world. This technique was developed in the early 90s and this technology of face rejuvenating has an advantage of minimal scars after correction. Endoscopic technology has allowed to make a global breakthrough in plastic surgery. The features of this method are so attractive for patients that despite the technical difficulties of performance and high cost of endoscopic equipment, the technology is increasingly used in plastic surgery practices worldwide. The basic principle of technique - is the performance of correction through small access and refusal from traditional long skin incisions. Endoscopic face lift is carried out on the deepest layers of the soft tissue, while all the surgical manipulations and visualization are proccessed by means of a video image display in real time. The most frequent combination of plastic surgery is endoscopic forehead lift in combination with SMAS (superficial muscular -aponeurotic system) midface plasty. Also, the endoscopic facelift can improve facial features and to achieve anti-aging effect in a most natural pattern. In the presence of expressed age-related changes endoscopic lift can be performed in combination with liposculpture and other techniques, in any case, rejuvenating and improving the appearance.

Endoscopic lifting is performed in the following cases:

  • when "lowering" of eyebrows is present;
  • the presence of "crow’s feet" on the face;
  • there is "tired" expression of a face;
  • the wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows are present;

With use of endoscopic control separate stages of operation can also be performed for correction of specific facial areas.



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