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Plastic surgery of face: facelift

Plastic surgeon for this purpose carries out a comprehensive assessment of the aesthetic proportions of the face, the ratio of its elements and symmetry. It is appropriate to recall the famous saying of the philosopher Plato: "The whole - there is something more than the simple sum of its parts." Since ancient times, people have attempted to study the facial aesthetics. Only in the Middle Ages, the great painters Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer defined aesthetic standards of the human face and used them as a model of beauty analysis. The ideal ratio of vertical and horizontal faces of the projections in the mathematical expression is 4: 3 (by Da Vinci). He also identified three proportionally equal parts or areas of the face (upper, middle and lower). At the same time, the architectural center of the face is the nose. With age, as a result of reduced elasticity of the soft tissues a person’s face changes. This is manifested by eyebrows "omission", formation of "crow’s feet" near the eyes, "bags" under the eyes, expressed "nasolabial" folds, and near the mouth - "marionette" lines, as well as the characteristic "double" chin. Young face characterizes face shape approximate to a triangle with a base located upwards (up to 35-40 years). At older age, face shape is prone to take a vertically oriented rectangle, due to more pronounced changes in the lower facial zone.



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