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Plastic surgery of the nose - rhinoplasty

In aesthetic aspect the nose is considered to be an architectural center of the face and, together with the surrounding structures in certain proportions creates an attractive appearance of the person.

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Who is this plastic surgery intended for?

Before applying to a plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty, the patient should precisely imagine what the final result, he wants to get after the surgery.

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Types of rhinoplasty

There are 2 types of rhinoplasty: open and closed.

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What should you know before surgery?

It is necessary to hold a detailed analysis of the face together with a patient, in order to understand the the patient’s wishes, and to plan the steps of correction, and what should be the final shape of the nose after surgery.

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Postoperative recovery

Some patients experience discomfort in the early postoperative period (1-2 days) to remove swabs from the nasal cavity. After resuming of nasal breathing patient will have a significant relief.

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In what cases is it better to abstain from the operation?

Rhinoplasty is not recommended in following clinical conditions:

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