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Plastic surgery of face: facelift

Beautiful face is very easy to determine for anyone and a glance for a second is enough to recognize the beauty of the face. But to give an exact description of the attractive appearance is quite difficult.

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Who is this plastic surgery intended for?

A facelift is performed to give a face an effect of rejuvenation, to get rid of the "tired" expression of the face or how patients usually say "just for looking better". Often these are the patients leading an active lifestyle, where business communication with people is an important factor.

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Types of face lift

Depending on the intended correction lift zone distinguish the upper third of the face, the middle and lower third of the face.

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What should you know before surgery?

Before operation plastic surgeon accurately determines the optimal surgical plan and treatment strategy for a patient, and also usually discuss the expected results.

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Postoperative recovery

In the first days after the operation you need hospital treatment of the patient. After stabilization and satisfactory condition of the postoperative healing a patient can be discharged home. Postoperative wound sutures are usually removed in 2 weeks. Within a month, it recommended to restrict active movements in the neck (after correction of lower face zone).

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In what cases is it better to abstain from the operation?

We do not recommend to carry out a face-lift in the following circumstances:

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