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Fillers (injection technologies)

In aesthetic medicine, one of the most effective methods of contour plasty of facial wrinkles in different areas of the face is the local filling of the area of the lost volume with the help of fillers. The restoration of volume contributes in the aesthetic sense to the re-creation of the harmony of the contours of the face.

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Who is this procedure intended for?

Various manifestations of age-related ptosis of the facial soft tissues, such as the appearance of nasolabial folds, frontal wrinkles, lines of "puppets", as well as the reduction in the volumes of individual facial zones are fairly effectively corrected by injections of fillers.

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What you should know before procedure?

When talking with a specialist, the anatomical area of the face is analyzed and the patient’s optimal correction plan and the expected effect are determined. It is absolutely necessary to clarify the patient’s state of health at the moment, and also to agree on the intake of any medications.

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Post-procedure recovery

The rehabilitation period usually runs smoothly and quickly.

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